Journey Into Medium Format

Produced by bÅS captr

Season 1

Videos produced by BÅS CAPTR

For so long, I have wanted to make photographs with 120 film in “medium format”. The size of the frame, the depth and tonality of the colors (or lack thereof), nothing excites me more as an artist. The following is my documented journey into what was once uncharted territory.

Episode 001: Mya on Ilford Delta 400

Join me as I begin my journey into the world of medium format film photography with the Pentax 645, here in the Good Life City. Special thanks to Mya for being such a wonderful model. Please like, subscribe, and share as we prepare to bring you all new content in beautiful 4K HDR.

Episode 002: The Avenues

This episode features my first actual portrait session with my Pentax 645. I photographed Kayson on Kodak Portra 160 and Ilford Delta 400 film stocks. Although I fared much better with the Delta roll in terms of quantity, this video is much leaner, as it was the first one I actually “shot”, back in December of 2020. Please like and comment if you enjoyed this, and share with your friends!

Episode 003: Trap Queens

We were inspired by the sights and sounds of Deep South cinema, namely ‘ATL’, and the iconic character New New played by Lauren London. Honi and Redd embody that energy between the two of them, the 229 way. I knew they would feel comfortable expressing their full selves, and the final result is one of my favorite shoots ever. Check out Honi’s hair & makeup work @honi_mua and on Instagram. You can find Redd at @reddd_d and her lash work @blink.withminks. So grateful for their collaboration.

Episode 004: The 8th Circle

In this episode, we explore the wave of inspiration that comes with the Spring Season, as well as the ever-important relationships between an artist and their muses. The photographs were made using the Pentax 645 on Lomography Color 400 and Kodak Tri-X 400 (B&W) film stocks.

Season Finale: ‘midheaven’

This is the season finale of “Journey into Medium Format”. I have officially spent one year with my Pentax 645. This presentation is the culmination of the lessons I’ve learned using my digital and film cameras, as well as a statement of purpose for the foreseeable future. As an artist, I strive to express and inspire. I want to allow love to lead me to new places. “Journey into Medium Format” will return in 2022. Until then, I am thankful for where it has taken me so far.